National and international scientists comming from the field of Primatology, Anthropology, Cognitive Biology, Psychology and Molecular Biology are part of our Research Society at the Affenberg. Also the VIER PFOTEN, an international animal welfare charity, joint us as a partner and supports our non-invasive research at the Affenberg.

Our research partners showed their support at our press conference held in May 2016 within the scope of the foundation of the ‚Austrian Research Center for Primatology‘.

  • Participants of the press conference
  • Carmen-Angelina Petteani, VIER PFOTEN
  • Prof. Bernard Wallner, University of Vienna
  • Svenja Gaubatz, director of the Affenberg
  • Lena Pflüger and Svenja Gaubatz
  • Peter und Svenja Gaubatz
  • Dr. Jorg Massen, University of Vienna
  • Prof. Michael Huffman, PRI, Kyoto University
  • Dr. Cornelia-Franz-Schaider, University of Graz
  • VIER PFOTEN primatologist Dr. Signe Preuschoft
  • Prof. Eva Millesi, University of Vienna
  • Dr. Elfriede Kalcher-Sommersguter
  • Martin Hofer and Prof. Ralf Steinborn, VetCore
  • Daria Gutleb, University of Göttingen
  • International research team