At the Austrian Research Center for Primatology students pursue behavioural observations in the field and learn non-invasive molecular techniques. The research Center provides the basic needs of our students such as accommodation, offices, equipment, sample preparation and storage room.

Are you interested in studying our Japanese macaques at the Affenberg
Landskron? We are looking for a talented and motivated Master-Student for an ongoing research project (please see attachment for detailed information). The project is scheduled to start in mid-February, so please don`t hesitate to contact us right away if you are interested! Please contact: Dr. Lena Pflüger

Master project on cooperative problem solving



  • Anja and Sylvia, Master students
  • Observing our macaques at dawn
  • Julia, Master student, University of Vienna
  • Anja observing social interactions
  • Students during a lecture of the University of Graz
  • The research hut in the monkey enclosure
  • Sylvia working in the field office
  • Experimental set-up sketched by Max Dorner
  • Students home
  • Students home
  • students home
  • Students home
  • Sample preparation lab
  • Sample preparation lab
  • Julia working in the sample preparation lab