Austrian Research Center for Primatology

For many years now, a successful cooperation between the Affenberg and the Universities of Vienna and Graz exists. Scientist from all over the world show increasing interest in the non-invasive behavioural research in (semi-)free ranging primates performed in Landskron.

In order to promote and coordinate our research, the Affenberg founded the ‘Austrian Research Center for Primatology’. Our focus on novel non-invasive techniques offers plenty of opportunities to develop a new scientific field – be it primatology, genetics or endocrinology. Primarily the research Center provides the basic needs of scientists and students such as accommodation, offices, equipment, sample preparation and storage room. In the end, it will also establish a network for scientific exchange between other institutions dealing with similar research. However, not only a selected scientific community shall benefit. We also aim to open research ideas and their goals to the public for a better understanding of science. Educational programs such as workshops and excursions for both children and adults are offered to show how state-of-the-art research can be conducted in a responsible and humane manner.

  • behaviour observations
  • hormone assay
  • gene analyses